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Check this out! Amazon purchases earn us 5%

We have entered into a partnership with Project World Impact and one of the benefits of that partnership is that we can now get 5% on all Amazon purchases rather than just the .5% we were receiving through Amazon Smile. Wanting to test the process prior to sending out instructions on this new opportunity I made an $80 purchase for the Center and immediately after the purchase was complete I saw that I had $4.00 raised for Family Empowerment Centers.                                       

Step 1) Open Google Chrome as your web browser. If you do not use Google Chrome you will need to download it as the benefit is connected through Google Chrome.                                                     

Step 2) Once downloaded go to 

Step 3) Search for the PWI Fund, click on the PWI Fund extension, click "Add to Chrome,' Confirm to add the extension.

Step 4) Click on the PWI fund logo in the top right of your Google Chrome browser. You will need to have a PWI account so either log in or create an account by logging in with social media or click create account.

Step 5) Once you have an account go to your extension, sign in, choose settings, and then search for and Choose Family Empowerment Centers as your preferred charity. Click save and then confirm your selection.

Step 6) Test it by going to Amazon and making a purchase. You will see as I did that 5% show as currently raised.                  


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