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Summer is here and so is our busiest time of the year

Our summer has kicked off with a bang!  Through our Envision partnership we are hosting on average 25-30 young people for a week long missional experience through the middle of August.  These partnerships are two fold for us.  First, we receive the volunteers we need to run 4 weeks of soccer camp, 6 week of day camp (these camps average 50 plus children a day), make impactful contributions to our community through service projects, offer much needed support to churches in the city that need work projects done, and gain new friendships with our friends and neighbors in the community.  

One such organization, Pressure Billiards,  wrote this on their facebook page, "Thank you all for your work today!! Big hug and appreciation from Pressure Billiards!!! and posted this picture in response to our teams picking up trash in the community:

Second, we also see the care of the teams as an equitable responsibility of ours as much as our direct ministry in the community.  Because of this we go out of our way to make sure the teams receive training that helps them form a greater worldview, are exposed to the cultural diversity of the community, encounter a living God, and have real interactions with real people fulfilling the command of Jesus that we love our neighbors.  

One of the students wrote this in their review of the week.  "This was one of the best weeks of my life.  God has really grown me in ways I never thought of.  When soccer camp first started i thought the kids only wanted to play soccer and that God was not important.  However, seeing the kids during the worship and skit time i saw ho much they love worshiping and learning about God...Our conversations were always deep and meaningful...that really impacted me..."

Pray for us as we serve kids from around the nation and the kids of our community this summer.  Pray for our strength and meaningful change in the lives of those we serve.


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