Christian Worship Service

As we look to care for the whole person, we believe it is important to create opportunities for people to worship God and grow together. We gather on Sunday mornings so that we can take time to pause in our week, acknowledge God as a community, encourage one another in our life journey, and grow together in to all that God has purposed for our lives.


As a community of faith, we believe that God has set for us, His children, a number of priorities that foster our ability to Love and be loved by God and others, and to be witnesses of that Love and the hope we have in Christ to the world around us. The priorities that we highlight as a worshiping community are Prayer, Worship, Growth, Service, and Mission.


If you would like to join with us on Sunday mornings, we begin our worship time at 10:30 am and are usually done between 12:00-12:15 pm. Of course, conversations continue well beyond that on some Sundays.

Style of Service

Reflecting the diversity found in Rogers Park, Family Empowerment Centers enjoys a multi-cultural, multi-lingual church community. We offer a blend between traditional church and a small group gathering that is conversational in style. Our worship is often a mix of English and Spanish songs with a contemporary feel. We have a high value for Biblical teaching, and a team of pastors rotate to lead the discussion of a particular passage of scripture.


While children participate in the worship time, we provide Children’s Church during the service for children (toddlers through 5th grade) while the adults have their main teaching time. We also bridge the adult learning with what the children are learning in order to create conversational opportunities about the teaching throughout the week between parents and children.

Current Sermon Topic

Mission: Jonah’s experience helps to illustrate just how determined God is to meet people.

3.4.18        Jonah 1

3.11.18      Jonah 2

3.18.18      Jonah 3

3.25.18      Jonah 4

New Life: Ephesians gives believes a thrilling look at the life that belongs to Jesus. New life means a new destiny, lifestyle, unity, and holiness.

4.1.18     Mark 16

4.8.18     Ephesians 1

4.15.18   Ephesians 2

4.22.18   Ephesians 3

4.29.18   Ephesians 4:1-17


5.6.18       Ephesians 4:17-5:21

5.13.18      Ephesians 5:22-33

5.20.18     Ephesians 6:1-9

5.27.18     Ephesians 6:10-24

Blessings in Obedience: Joshua records the founding of a nation. Yahweh is a God who does not tolerate sin forever, but He always raises up a way for people to meet Him.

6.3.18           Joshua’s conquest is set: God is a God of radical victories.

6.10.18         Rahab helps Joshua’s spies. God’s people spread God’s reputation.

6.17.18         God’s plan brings judgement on longstanding sin, and it also offers mercy to those who seek Him.

6.24.18         Before he passes, Joshua renews Israel’s covenant with Yahweh. God gives us tremendous reasons to trust Him, and he expects faith.