Envision Service Teams

Since the opening of our Center ten years ago we have been growing our hosting of Short Term Service Trips to Chicago also known as an ENVISION trip within the C&MA. The trips offer a multi-cultural immersion and learning experience that is one of the best stateside.

These trips create for those that come and serve a domestic experience that challenges our teams in their own faith journey while having great Kingdom impact with a real ministry on the ground. Our community is on the north side of the city of Chicago with 65,000 plus people living within a 1.8 square mile area and the diversity of our community is rich with more than 40 primary languages spoken, it is pretty evenly divided racially with a 1/3 of the community being African American/Black, Hispanic, and White. Our focus is on those urban families that have the greatest challenges in our community.

Teams join us from Sunday afternoon through Saturday morning and their week includes training and devotional times that are focused on cross-cultural and urban issues, an immersion into an Indian/Pakistani community that when possible involves a mosque visit, a variety of ethnic meals, opportunities to do service projects, evangelism, run sports camps (soccer primarily), and we can usually add in special projects of interest based on group preference.

Times & Days

Trips can be scheduled just about any time of the year but most teams choose to come during the months of June – August and last 1 week beginning on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday.

Fees and Materials

$475 covers all the necessary food, shelter, and materials for the trip. Teams are responsible for their own transportation to Chicago.

Who to Contact at Family Empowerment Centers or Envision Chicago

If you have any questions about our services, please call our office at (773) 262-0760 or send an email to Envision@familyempower.org