Throughout the year we host Banquets that are geared toward fundraising, exposing our donors to highlights of what is going on at the Center, introduce new people to the activities of the Center, and speak about where we are going in the future.


We host these events throughout the Chicagoland area and this fall we are hosting a breakfast in Wilmette, IL on October 8th from 9-11am and dinner on October 28th from 6:30-8:30 in Wheaton, IL.  If you would like to attend please send an e-mail to or call our office at 773-262-0760.

Would you like to donate a one-time gift? Perhaps make a monthly or annual payment to the Center? Click the DONATE NOW button below to visit Family Empowerment Centers donation page, where you decide what fits you best.


Thank you for your contributions. They help staff and volunteers impact the lives of nearly 200 families each week through our programs and services


Here are a few ways in which your support helps us to love and serve our neighbors and strengthen urban families:


  • $50/mo – Provide bus passes or emergency meals to individuals in crisis
  • $250/mo – Offset costs for materials for the ESL class
  • $400/mo – Adopt a student in the S.A.Y. Yes! Afterschool Program and cover expenses associated with their care
  • $500/yr – Allows one teenager to travel out-of-state to attend summer camp for one week
  • $800/yr – Allows the Center to sponsor one community member through an addiction recovery program
  • $1,000/yr – Provide food baskets for 10 families during the holidays

Would you like to donate a one-time gift? Perhaps make a monthly or annual payment to the Center?