Christian Ministries

In our commitment to serve our community well, we believe strongly that spiritual wellness must be a core component of a strong family. For this reason, we gather each week in worship on Sundays, participating in a timeless expression of faith in solidarity with countless others around the world. Throughout the week, we participate in spiritual discussion groups designed to foster openness, authenticity, and holistic growth. At our core, we exist to help people thrive, and we are convinced that includes a spiritual component.


We are unapologetically Christian.  We believe that the words of Christ are that we are to love our neighbors not based on affinity but proximity, and that all people matter to God and are therefore important.  We believe that the Bible is God’s written word to the individual and the Church, and that it is inerrant as originally received and written down.  It is also applicable to our modern society as a rule of life and a manual on cultivating a relationship with God.


We have also aligned ourselves with a larger worldwide organization called the Christian and Missionary Alliance for accountability purposes and stand by the statement of faith found at the following link