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Envision Chicago is a diverse, incarnational ministry strategically located in the inner city of Chicago. Within our community, 1 in 5 families live below the poverty line, and more than 80% of students in the public school system come from low-income households. There are more than 40 primary languages spoken in our community. Some of these languages represent people groups who are considered “unreached” by the gospel of Christ. The diversity of our community presents us with the unique opportunity to share the gospel of Christ with people who were born in creative access countries.


Chicago as a whole has about 3 million people within its city limits, and it has an overall church attendance that is lower than the national average. We, as the church in the United States, must not neglect ministering to the people who are closest to us; especially if those people have never heard about the saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Scott at

(773) 262-0760 or scottm@familyempower.org.