Get Involved

Every week, we rely upon our extensive team of volunteers to carry out our mission. Volunteers come from every walk of life to serve our neighbors and friends, meeting needs in ways that strengthen families and individuals throughout Rogers Park and beyond. Our ability to impact lives and to transform our community relies on partnerships with people like you. Apart from collaboration, we would not be able to carry out this vision to holistically care for each member of our community.


We would love for you to join our team of volunteers, allowing us to continue to extend an open hand of partnership to every person who enters our Center. Perhaps you are a high school student who needs to complete your service hours or a college student in need of an internship to complete your studies, we would love to work with you to find the right fit for you. Maybe you are an adult looking to give back to your neighborhood or to invest in a community, we enthusiastically will make room for you to use your skills and gifts. We invite you to partner with us in pursuit of a thriving community for each of our neighbors.


If you are interested in joining us a volunteer, we would love to talk with you more. Whether you would prefer to join us occasionally or a more regular basis, please provide your contact information below, and one of our directors will be in touch. We are thrilled you want to be part of Family Empowerment Centers’ mission and we can’t wait to get to know you.