Get Involved

Our goal is to impact lives in the Rogers Park community of Chicago. We do this by meeting physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs in ways that provide avenues for personal and family empowerment. Our ability to impact lives in real, tangible, and transformative ways relies on the partnerships we create with people like you!


We believe it is impossible for any person or organization to be successful in isolation. Therefore, we place a high value on partnership and collaboration.


Whether you choose to partner with the work of Family Empowerment Centers through financial support or volunteerism, we recognize we are able to accomplish more—and impact more lives—when we extend an open hand of partnership with caring, energetic, skillful, and creative people who share our commitment to glorify God by loving our neighbors and strengthening urban families.


Our active and dedicated team of volunteers:

  • Contribute 150 hours each week to program support
  • Provide a Mentor to Student ratio of 1:3 ratio in the S.A.Y. Yes! Afterschool Program and 1:2 ratio in ESL classes
  • Donate $5,910 of in-kind support monthly, allocating a higher percentage of funds to direct program support

If you would like more information on partnership opportunities, visit the related pages within this tab or contact us directly to discuss potential collaborations.