Our Mission

Glorifying God, Loving Our Neighbors‚ Strengthening Urban Families


We exist to glorify God and love our neighbors by raising up leaders and compassionately caring for and empowering under-resourced families and their children.


It is our conviction that all people from every nation of the world are of equal value and concern before God. It is also our conviction that although mankind is of equal value before God, often the opportunities for empowerment and freedom are selective due to issues of systemic and personal injustices. Family Empowerment Centers will seek to bring a balance to these circumstances by loving our neighbors in a Christ like manner and creating opportunities for those who are disadvantaged in our urban communities to attain empowerment and freedom.


It is also our conviction that real empowerment, freedom, and holistic growth have their foundation in an individual’s experience of the love of Christ through His body. the church, and the truths found in the Scriptures. Family Empowerment Centers recognizes mankind as spiritual, physical, psychological, and social beings. By coming alongside individuals in a holistic and Christ-like fashion, we expect these individuals to have maximized opportunities of empowerment and a greater hope in the future. The element of Christian faith in what we do, how we do it in creating opportunities of empowerment, and who we do it for is what sets our organization apart from others.


Family Empowerment Centers has chosen to target urban communities on the basis that these communities tend to include people from all nations of the world and at the same time seem to be the epicenter for injustice, inequality, and issues of poverty.

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In the same manner that trends move out from major metropolitan cities, our organization believes that as people are empowered, they too may move out from urban communities to various world destinations and create change in their environments.


Family Empowerment Centers also recognizes that the family unit is the most influential determinant in the growth of the individual. Great attention will be given to the growth of the whole family when possible. Our organization defines family as a multi-individual group of people that bears the relational characteristics of a family, often times made up of a father, mother, and child, but not limited to those roles. Therefore the family could be traditional, a single parent home, a home with no children, a home where a significant other (i.e. grandmother, aunt, uncle) is raising the children, or a foster home situation.