Academic Internships


Family Empowerment Centers is a welcoming, supportive environment for partnering with high school, college/university, and seminary students looking to complete an internship. Whether for personal enhancement or as part of academic discipline requirements, we provide broad and narrow avenues to gain hands-on experience while developing practical skills applicable to a variety of academic fields or occupational pursuits.


While we are open to tailoring internships to meet specific academic criteria, internships are typically offered in the following areas:


  • Administration
  • Business Management
  • Communications & Social Media
  • Fundraising & Special Events
  • Program Support
  • Summer Intensive


Though we welcome opportunities to expand the pool of collaborations, currently we host students through formal partnerships with the following educational institutions:


  • Loyola University – North Campus (Rogers Park)
  • Moody Bible College
  • North Park University
  • Northwestern University
  • Wheaton in Chicago

For a full application to the Urban Immersion Internship, please email:

Urban Immersion Internship


The purpose of the Urban Immersion Internship is to train up future leaders by creating a practical learning environment that is multi-ethnic and cross cultural.


Open to adults (ages 18+), the Urban Immersion Internship is designed to be one or two years in duration and will provide:


  • Solid ministry exposure in a multi-cultural community
  • Foundational cross-cultural experience
  • Training for future leadership positions
  • Hands-on opportunities to serve and enhance the quality of life for low-income families
  • Avenues to complete the licensing and ordination/consecration requirements with the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination, if desired.


Urban Immersion Internship Requirements:


1) The Urban Immersion Internship will run on a one or two year schedule (beginning June 1 or July 1)
2) Candidates will need to have a call to serve Jesus and demonstrate a servant’s heart.
3) Candidates must have display character qualities that are clearly supported through character references.
4) Candidates must be passionate about the Christian faith, knowledgeable about the Bible, and disciplined in the Christian practices.
5) Candidates must have experience serving in a church
6) Candidates will complete an application and submit to background checks and fingerprint checks
7) Interns will commit to 40 hrs per week (full-time) and 20 hrs per week (part-time) of direct support in positions to be determined during the interview process.
8) In addition to direct support, Interns will be expected to participate in regular small group sessions/classes designed to address components of serving in an urban context. Interns will also attend weekly services, staff meeting and leadership meetings.
9) Interns will be expected to live in Rogers Park, living out their faith within the community and in relationship with their neighbors.
10) Interns will be expected to raise personal support by taking part in fundraising activities to fund their position and housing costs.