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Soccer Camp

Our soccer camp is about more than just soccer…

The main purpose of our soccer camp is to share the Gospel with families in our community through the universal sport of soccer.

Our volunteers, staff, and interns teach the youth in our community the fundamentals of soccer: kicking, passing, crossing the field, goaltending, etc. These same leaders are also trained as to how to share their faith with the many kids who will be a part of the soccer camp. Many of the families and kids who come to our soccer camp will likely hear the Gospel for the first time.

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Day Camp

Our Day Camp gives kids in our neighborhood a safe option for growth and connection in the spring/summer months.

During spring and summer breaks, parents in our neighborhood need programs that keep their children engaged, safe, and off the streets. Our Day Camp provides all of that- and more.

We provide the at-risk youth in our community engagement with activities such as crafts, recreational sports, and life skill classes. The purpose of day camp is to share the Gospel with families in our community.

Our volunteers, interns, and staff are trained how to share the Gospel with children through daily conversations, bible lessons, and worship. We begin each day of camp with VBS. Many of the kids are unreached and/or have been in our summer programs before.

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Chicago Alive Youth Camps

Giving at-risk youth the opportunity to grow together while experiencing God through other activities that will expand their worldview and encourage personal growth.

Our Chicago Alive Youth Camp (or as we call it- CAY Camp) occurs bi-annually and is a chance for the many at-risk teenagers in our community to experience the beauty of God’s creation through outdoor activities. At CAY Camp, these teenagers are able to hear the Gospel- many for the very first time. They are taught about their intrinsic value as humans made in the image of God and taught that they each have a purpose in this life.

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Football Camp

Thankful to be involved in the lives of a local high school team!

Our football camp developed out of our long partnership with Sullivan High School- a large high school located just north of the Family Empowerment Centers. The young men of the Sullivan High School football team travel with us to one of our camp locations outside the city. There, they participate in team building activities, mentoring, and are trained in leadership principles, while also getting in a few hours a day of football preparation.

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