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Chicago Alive Youth Camp

Also known as CAY Camp

The Chicago Alive Youth Camp, commonly known as CAY Camp, is a collaborative ministry. It is the direct result of multiple churches throughout the Chicagoland area. Because of the participation of these churches, we have the opportunity to take at-risk youth from Chicago through our Chicago Alive Youth Camp experience.

CAY Camp experience

Kids learn new skills and participate in activities together

At CAY Camp, we provide our campers with fun and exciting opportunities. The youth participate in canoeing, rock-climbing, fishing, swimming, team-building exercises, and much more. Camp is also a place where youth are poured into by our seasoned mentors.

A chance for worship

CAY Camp is a place where at-risk youth encounter the love of Jesus

CAY Camp provides at-risk teenagers from the inner city of Chicago an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel- many for the first time. There are special times during the camp experience when mentors and youth come together for Bible studies and collaborative worship. Themes of our Bible time are selected to speak truth to our campers while providing a foundation of truth, compassion, and guidance.

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