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The services and programs of our organization are designed and implemented with the whole family in mind, and each service is equally important.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is for Family Empowerment Centers to be a leading Christian organization in multiple locations in urban America.

Ways To Give

Many avenues of giving exist to support Family Empowerment Centers. No gift goes unappreciated!

A New Year … A New Start

The Lord has been faithful as always! As our programs and other activities come to a close for the year, we are looking forward to a season of rest with family, friends, and community to celebrate our Lord’s birth. We hope and pray the same for you! Looking forward to a new year of expecting the Lord to unfold His will for our city and His people. 


It’s always encouraging to hear what our partners and co-laborers in the Lord’s vineyard say about us: 


One team leader, wrote this on our Facebook page, “FEC is an amazing  Christ-centered bastion of love and for the people who live within its proximity. Here you will find love, respect, and a safe haven for people from all walks of life. FEC is truly an asset to the Rogers Park community and to the nations of the world.”


One of the students wrote this in their review of the week.  “This was one of the best weeks of my life.  God has really grown me in ways I never thought of.  When soccer camp first started I thought the kids only wanted to play soccer and that God was not important.  However, seeing the kids during the worship and skit time I saw how much they love worshiping and learning about God…Our conversations were always deep and meaningful…that really impacted me…”


 Pray for strength and meaningful change in the lives of those we serve and do life with. 

Christian Worship Service

As we look to care for the whole person, we believe it is important to create opportunities for people to worship God and grow together. We gather on Sunday mornings so that we can take time to pause in our week, acknowledge God as a community, encourage one another in our life journey, and grow together in to all that God has purposed for our lives.