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The services and programs of our organization are designed and implemented with the whole family in mind, and each service is equally important.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is for Family Empowerment Centers to be a leading Christian organization in multiple locations in urban America.

Ways To Give

Many avenues of giving exist to support Family Empowerment Centers. No gift goes unappreciated!


We want to take the time to acknowledge the difficulty facing us and the world with the current Covid-19 crisis. No one is free from the ramifications of this virus, and we’re sure that you have concerns regarding its potential impact on you and your loved ones. We here at Family Empowerment Centers are also feeling the pain of this pandemic.


As businesses close shop and educational institutions transition to online learning, the communities we serve are increasingly at risk. Many of our neighbors are suddenly in financial crisis, wondering where to find work and how to ensure appropriate childcare. As these families turn to us, we are striving to find ways to love our neighbors and strengthen families, just as we have for over fifteen years. Just this past week, we’ve had a family ask for financial assistance, after having their hours reduced at work. I suspect that many more needs will continue to arise, since many of those we serve do not qualify for government assistance due to their immigration status.  Those whom we serve that are homeless are even more marginalized now as well with their needs increasing as people shun them for fear of contact.


 Pray for strength and meaningful change in the lives of those we serve and do life with. 

Christian Worship Service

As we look to care for the whole person, we believe it is important to create opportunities for people to worship God and grow together. We gather on Sunday mornings so that we can take time to pause in our week, acknowledge God as a community, encourage one another in our life journey, and grow together in to all that God has purposed for our lives.