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Donate Your Boat

Do you have an unused boat? Do you need to free up space and time so you can utilize your resources for other valuable things? Consider donating your boat!

Donate Your Boat has been in operations since 2004 and was birthed from a need to create opportunities of advancement for young urban families who are facing greater challenges in America. Poverty is something that stretches across every demographic of person and every community. Children in America go to bed without food while mothers and fathers are finding it difficult to provide for the very basic needs of their families. The next generation, our youth and children, are experiencing greater challenges and a shortfall of mentors who will train them up and an educational system (especially in urban contexts) which is struggling to adequately prepare these children is not helping them overcome those challenges.

Your partnership with Donate Your Boat through your charitable boat donation (or other vehicle) allows us together to make a difference. We operate our organization based on a core set of values that include placing a high value on human life which means we operate with great integrity and concern for you the donor and the needs of those we mention above. When you donate to us you can be sure we will maximize to the best of our ability the impact of your boat donation in the lives of those that need it most.

Donate Your Boat!

If you would like to begin the process of submitting your “Boat Information Form” please click the following link. Once completed, scroll to the end of the form and hit the submit button. Once we receive it we will contact you with next steps.

Donate my boat


If you have further questions you can contact us directly (we can be reached at 888-951-BOAT or by email at and/or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking the following link:

Donate my boat

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Visit our boat donations website for more information.

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