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After School Program

Our after-school program is known throughout the community as a safe place where children get help with their homework while receiving individual attention, care, and love from our committed staff and volunteers. The program runs throughout the school year and portions of summer.

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Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is available to all who come with a need. Every Saturday, our food pantry serves over 50 families with donated dry or refrigerated food staples, clothing, and other donated items.

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English as a
Second Language

During the fall and winter, individuals from around the world come to the Family Empowerment Centers to receive English education. At the FEC, our ESL students receive instruction from a dedicated group of volunteers and staff who are committed to each student’s success.

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Day Camps

During spring break and the summer months, we offer day-camps for the children in our community. Days are filled with activities, games, learning experiences, and time to grow as neighbors and friends.

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Chicago Alive Youth Camp

Chicago Alive Youth Camp (CAY Camp) gives many at-risk youth in Chicago the opportunity to participate in activities outside the city. Participants in CAY Camp are exposed to nature hikes, lakes, rock climbing, and other activities that will expand their worldview and encourage personal growth.

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Community Resources

Looking for more information on the many community resources, organizations, and churches that serve the needs of Rogers Park? Click here for more details.

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