Community Service

Because it is our mission to compassionately love and serve our neighbors with a focus on the less-resourced families of our community, we devote ourselves to providing services that will enable those in our community to take their next steps. We provide out-of-school programming to ensure children are served well and parents can work with peace of mind. We offer classes for English language learners so that they will have the skills they need to work, to advocate for their families, and to assimilate into their community successfully.


These programs, along with many other programs and available services, are the ways that we are creating opportunities for all people within our community.  In this way, we hope to bring balance to systemic injustices and inequalities that exist.  We believe that when an opportunity is matched with people’s desire to change, they are more likely to overcome negative circumstances in their lives and experience freedom and hope.  People who experience freedom in their life journey often live in that freedom and help others rise as well.